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Girly Nail Designs 2011

Expressing femininity through art has become increasingly easy thanks to the great variety of nail designs that can be customized at will to match a women personalities. Take a closer look at the designs presented to get inspiration for your next manicure session.

Staying on top of the latest trends when it comes to manicures can be easy if you are creative and you vary the nail designs you choose. Although hard to define due to their subjective nature , feminine nail designs are always a big hit, especially during warmer months. Fun and romantic these types nail designs are preferred by many women due to their expressiveness.

The degree of femininity a certain design posses can be evaluated by a great variety of factors. Color choices, motifs and theme are the main things that decide the overall impressions created by the designs. Floral nail designs are perhaps the most commonly symbols associated with femininity due to their ability to highlight beauty, fragility or innocence within a few seconds. However color choices as well as details from fashion such as lacy designs or brand logos can highlight the theme just as beautifully if the right design is chosen.

Selecting the theme as well as the main color is a great first start when deciding on most manicure styles. Although keeping an eye on the main fashion trends of the season is a great idea as it might help you expand your vision when it comes to styles and overall designs, originality is always a great idea as it can turn you into the trendsetter from your group.

Although flowers and colors such as pink and lavender are among the most popular choices when feminine nail designs are concerned other nail designs can have a similarly impressive effect . Polka dots are a perfect example of a fashion statement that is made directly on your fingernails being extremely alluring as well as unmistakeably feminine.

The examples can go on, the main idea being that going beyond the obvious examples can be really pay off in terms of creativity. The symbols and the themes that can be used are virtually endless so choosing the elements that match your outfits and at the same time manage to highlight your personality should be a top priority in order to look and feel gorgeous every single time. While those who are skilled when it comes to manicures and are patient enough might be able to create complex patterns and designs at home, those who are interested in more complex styles such as 3 D nail art will most likely have to turn to a professional nail technician in order to get superior results.

Going for expressive designs is a great idea, especially if the occasion is a more special one and you want to impress. Although the element of surprise can be a good choice sticking with the tried and tested designs with a twist is generally wiser, if you want to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Experiment with a variety of different styles to be able to tell what best suits you and to expand your vision when it comes to nail designs.

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