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Handmade Nail Art

Creating handmade nail art designs has never been more easy that it is now as so many interesting styles are available. Choose simple or complicated handmade nail art designs and you will look fabulous.

Handmade nail art refers to the hand painting of the nail using special paint or nail polish, depending on the desired effect. Creating handmade nail art requires a little bit of skill but with a little bit of practice incredibly stylish designs can be created.

Tools necessary for handmade nail art
Depending on the desired designs, different tools can be used from professional to household objects. Patience and a steady hand are also necessary when trying to create a handmade nail art design, so gather up the following tools and start your masterpiece:

  • nail clipper

  • nail file

  • colored nail polishes or paint

  • needle or toothpick

  • medium thick paint brush

  • thin paint brush

  • top coat nail polish

  • How to start
    Step 1
    Before starting the nail art design, it is best to start with beautiful uniform nails. Use the nail clipper to clip your nails the same length and file them to obtain a uniform smooth surface. You can shape your nails square or rounded, depending on personal preference.

    Step 2
    Depending on the design you want to create you can use either the toothpick/needle or paint brushes. For a design which implies different color combinations use the toothpick/needle to combine the colors. Apply dots of the nail polish colors you desire and using the tip of the toothpick/needle combine the colors by drawing one color into the other. The effect created looks absolutely amazing once the method is mastered.

    To create flowers, polka dots, ladybugs, butterflies or other more complicated designs use the medium brush and trace a few colors on your nail. Using the thin paint brush you can contour and create beautiful shapes which will resemble the desired design, using a darker colored nail paint. Start with less complicated designs and as you perfect try to create more and more gorgeous and sophisticated styles.

    nail art

    Step 3
    Allow the nail polish to dry out as it is necessary for the nail polish to be completely dry before the next coat is applied. The design will not smudge this way. You can opt for a quick dry spray if you are in a hurry. This will help speed up the drying of the nail polish.

    Step 4
    Apply the top coat over your nail art design to protect it and give it an extra shine. Allow the top coat to dry and enjoy you gorgeous nails.

    Alternatives to handmade nail art

    If you are not as talented at performing your own nail art design there is another solution for you. Salons specialized in manicure or Spa's have manicurists which will gladly and skillfully create gorgeous handmade designs as they are trained professionals specialized in nail art and manicure. You will be able to pamper yourself and receive the manicure of your dreams.


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