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Long Lasting Manicure Tips

Perfectly manicured nails have the power to create an instant positive first impression. However in order to enjoy the beauty and elegance of a well done manicure avoiding chips and making it last as long as possible is essential. Find out what are few simple solutions you can use to enjoy a perfect manicure for longer.

Our manicure is a great contributor when it comes to the overall impressions we manage to create especially when we meet new people for the first time so taking care of our nails is definitely an important aspect when it comes to our overall social image. Whether you decide to do your own manicure or you turn to professionals for perfect results, making your manicure last as much as possible is definitely a goal you should have in mind. Several strategies exist when it comes to accomplishing this goal in a proper way. Here are a few simple tips you should keep in mind to have fabulous nails for longer:

Adjust the length and the shape of nails. If you are not very pretentious when it comes to nail length or shape and you are simply looking for the least maintenance then your best bet is to opt for short, rounded nails. Since sharp edges are some of the main causes of nail polish chipping round nails are an ideal solution. Moreover since short nails won't bend you'll be able to avoid unnecessary problems with minimum effort.

File the nails in a single direction and groom cuticles well. This tips is not only essential for avoiding nail exfoliation but also for avoiding unnecessary chips. Make sure you moisturize cuticles well before pushing them back because otherwise the nail polish around the areas might crack leading to unpleasant beauty results. However soaking your finger is not recommended as it might in fact reduce the amount of time your manicure remains flawless.

Wear protective coats. Cleaning the nail and removing any traces of oils and dirt is essential if extending the amount of time when your manicure stays perfect is your goal. After applying nail polish remover and making sure to apply a base coat to ensure that the nail polish adheres well. After applying the desired nail polish shade and waiting until it is properly dried, apply the topcoat for the best results. A slow acting topcoat generally works better than a fast drying one.

Check the date of your nail polish. It's not uncommon for women to forget the normal shelf life of their beauty products. Not tossing old nail polish when you should is a common mistake that generally leads to less than perfect overall results. If you notice changes in the texture or color of the nail polish or the nail polish is more than 2 years old it's tine to get rid of it.

Protect your hands and reapply top coats daily. No matter how expensive the nail products you use are if your hands come in contact with water or harsh detergents on a daily basis, your manicure will invariably last significantly less time. Wearing gloves and protecting your hands while working is essential for beautiful nails so make sure you don't neglect this step. Also reapplying top coat on a daily basis is another strategy that will help you get superior results.

Choose the right nail polish. It goes beyond saying that choosing high quality nail polishes is essential if you want to enjoy long lasting manicures. However, not all nail polishes are created equally so if you want maximum results with little effort it can be useful to select the right kind of nail polish. Metallic shades tend to last longer and be more resistant to chips so if you like this trend you are in great luck as you can look fabulous with less maintenance work.

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