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Minx Nail Art Trend 2011

There's no need to stick to the old time nail painting techniques when artist came up with brand new idea the Minx nail art trend 2011 that would definitely boost your confidence to sport some of the most bizarre and at the same time dapper manicure trends this year. Choose from the infinite array of prints and patterns and decorate your nails with them.

It's the perfect moment to prepare for the next best thing after nail stickers. This time you have the chance to cover your nails completely and wear a brand new and high tech pattern and crown your party or casual look with a fab statement accessory. The Minx Nail art trend 2011 is the best means to upgrade your manicure to the latest trends and copycat the fab nail art styles also popularized by our favorite style icon celebrities. Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce are only some of the many examples to consider when choosing one of the faddish minx prints and designs. Check out this brief selection of fabulous designs that can be easily pulled off by following the main instructions. Gone are the days of long hours spent with your manicure. This modern innovation of the nail art business would take you off your feet right away.

  • The main idea when applying the minx nail art is to prepare the nails for the application of the tiny stickers. This should be done with a properly equipped nail kit that helps you remove the natural oil as well as nail polish marks from your nails. This is one of the key conditions to secure the best circumstances for the successful application of the minx nails. The next step is to choose the stickers and patterns you wish to apply to your nails.

  • Choose prints and images that represent you and would make you feel confident in your high class look. The 2-4 millimeter thick film should be cut to suit the length as well as shape of your nails. Use scissors to adjust the ideal shape to your nails and use the specially designed heat-activated adhesive to apply it to your nails. An additional method to secure the long-lasting effect of your minx nails is to warm up the films under a lamp then place it to your nails.

  • There are no limitations when it comes of the selection of the desired patterns.Minx nail sticker producer provide us with an endless array of images from the portrait of various movie characters as well as famous personalities, leopard prints, polka dots as well as flags and brands. The creative project is taken to extremes when several clients are asking for the portrait of their beloved ones as Katy Perry did with the face of Russell Brand she has worn for a red carpet event. Furthermore the Minx nail art will spare you from headaches you might have with the smudgy nail polish that can turn into real beauty disaster if you don't pay special attention to the period it requires for drying. Moreover these would last no less than 4 months when properly applied.

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