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Nail Polish Trends Summer 2010

Nail polish became a real and never-failing accessory for every woman. As your nails represent one of the most important visiting card, women started paying a lot of attention to their hands. Beautiful painted and clean nails are the best accessory for spring/summer 2010.

There is no rule when it comes to nail polish choice. You can opt for any color you like. Still, 2010 seems to keep the nude trend when it comes to nail polish colors. Simple nails in shades of gray or soft pink are proposed by Chanel and Christian Dior and metallic nail polish proposed by OPI and Givenchy.

  • Gray. The key word for spring is gray. It is considered to be the new black as it is a chic and versatile color for your nails especially if you are more into the darker colors. The more surprising shade is by far "Particuliere" by Chanel, a grayed taupe with brown tones into it. Dior proposes "Gris Perle", a more metallic gray than the one made by Chanel.

  • Nude and pastels. Nude will never go out of fashion. They are the perfect option for every outfit, especially for a colorful one. Moreover, they work amazing for short nails too. If you are rather into the delicate, barely-there manicure, you should know that nude shades and matte are perfect for summer 2010.
    You can find warm, neutral shades at Chanel such as pale, soft pink, peach, nude-beige cream with peachy undertones, but also jade green. Pink and pearl-gray can also be found at Christian Dior.

  • Alice in Wonderland. The “Alice In Wonderland” OPI Nail Polish Limited Edition Collection presents a wide palette of sparkling colors, such as “Absolutely Alice” (a sparkling blue), “Mad as a Hatter” (purple/black glitter), “Off With Her Red!” (vibrant red) or “Thanks so Muchness!” (red shimmer).

  • Red and vibrant colors. Red nail polish is a total must-have this season. Red will always be that unique color, that will never lose its charming effect. Regardless of the shade you choose, powerful and elegant or a more youthful one like coral red, red nail polish and its variations represent one of the hottest trends when it comes to nail polish.
    This year you can wear red nail polish even for the casual looks.
    But the real necessity, especially for the summer, are the bold, strong, yet matte colors in various shades of orange, yellow, bright plum or turquoise. The new Nail Vernis in Nouvelle Vague from Chanel is a beautiful shade of sea blue.

  • Black and white. Black is back. Well, if we think again, black has always been there as it is a timeless color. Black works great on short nails and it can be easily matched with a Gothic-chic outfit, but also with more elegant and extravagant outfits. In the collections of Chanel and OPI, you can find different variations of black nail polish. If you love art on your nails, you must know that one of the hottest trends this season is the black and white combination with a design similar to a chessboard.

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