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Nail Pedicure and Beauty Pedicure

Are you eager to offer the same soothing spa treatment to your feet as you do to your hands? Then pedicure is the most common and well-known method to benefit of the beauty of toenails. Besides the aesthetic effect, this body care practice also serves as a basic hygiene ritual to prevent the formation of nail problems as fungus and infections. After the chief phases of shaping and conditioning the nails are also covered with either a transparent or a colorful coating that can upgrade our look especially during the hot season. The pedicurists will revive the skin of the feet by eliminating the dead cells. One of the essential moments of the pedicure session in order to protect the feet from harmful agents as inappropriate shoes and socks as well as exposure to pressure during our daily activities.

In order to guarantee the smashing outcome and soothing spa treatment it is vital to choose a skilled pedicurist. First and foremost it is important to preserve the basic hygienic conditions, both when it comes of tools and practices. Moreover the treatment of the toenails is also of crucial importance that's why make sure, the pedicurist uses clean and proper tools. Massaging is also part of the spa ritual. Enjoy the soothing effect of essential oils and the revolutionary relaxation techniques to benefit from the energy boost that spreads all over the body.



Pedicure Types

Pedicure similarly to manicure differs in the basic methods and nail products used during the conditioning and shaping process. People who expose their feet to extreme conditions are highly recommended to include this basic hygiene and spa ritual into their daily or at least weekly beauty care routine. Visit a beauty salon that would provide you with the latest methods and tools used in the nail care industry.

Traditional Pedicure: This ritual differs from the spa treatments in the sense that it doesn't devote so much attention to massaging and other alternative medicine techniques. Instead it conditions as well as cleans the skin from the dead cells and other harmful agents.

The soft skin will revive the whole body, preparing it for the upcoming exhausting days. Shaping the nails and trimming them to the desired length is another vital element of the traditional pedicure.

Spa Pedicure: As the name reveals, the spa treatment offers a soothing and rejuvenating effect to the feet. Besides the hydrating soak, the skin is massaged with the most relaxing techniques additionally completed with the effect of pampering essential oils. The use of specialized conditioning lotions and wraps further enhance the conditioning effect of the practice.

French Pedicure: Use this technique if you would like to add a natural and sophisticated tint to your toenails after the pampering session. First, it is advisable to soak the feet in a softening bath that would eliminate dead cells and prepare the nails for the pedicure. Exfoliation would also guarantee the healthy look and condition of toenails. Use white nail polish for the tips as well as pink for the rest of the nails. Create a perfectly polished look by fine lines and smooth coats.

Feel free to furnish your feet with the essential nutrients and conditioning treatments to banish the occurrence of severe nail and skin problems. Include the relaxing pedicure into your daily routine completing the basic hygienic practices. It is advisable to preserve the flawless look of these body parts even during the colder seasons when the feet are basically hidden.Choose a nail art designs that should crown the healthy look of your toenails.

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