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Popular 2011 Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs in 2011 are all and more you've ever dreamed of so take a peek at the most popular nail art designs in 2011 and inspire yourself for your next sophisticated and stylish nail art look!

Every season new and interesting nail art designs are created and these designs can help enhance the beauty of your hands and nails every single time. There are a variety of nail art designs to choose from but if you want to maintain a trendy look when it comes to your nails turn towards newer, more popular nail art designs.

These popular 2011 nail art design are amazing and break all boundaries when it comes to sophistication and style due the development on new techniques as well as nail art products. These new popular nail art designs are perfect for natural nails as well as gel nails, so opt to get your favorite design at a nail salon or try to recreate it yourself in the comfort of your own home. For best results try to adapt your nail design to your nail length and inspire yourself from the following popular 2011 nail art designs styles as they look amazing:

Stiletto shaped nails which feature a very sophisticated Russian nail art design are the latest trend when it comes to gel nail art and these nails are fabulous. Inside the gel you can apply anything from rhinestones to glitter, dried flowers as well as acrylic paint, which is used to create those fabulous, sophisticated patterns.

The colors can vary from pastels to dark's, depending on personal preference and the color combinations are infinite. Go for subtle or bold looking designs depending on what appeals to your most and surely your hands and nails will be the attraction of the day/evening.

Hand painted nail art as well as acrylic designs are a perfect option in 2011 as the more sophisticated the nails the better and more visible the effect will be. In order to obtain a fabulous nail art design one must be quite skilled as acrylic paint is used to draw the desired pattern. Special nail art brushes of different sizes are used and the effects, if the design is created by a specialist can be breathtaking.

From portraits to flowers and butterflies, anything goes so there are a variety of options available for you, so your nails will always look original.
The acrylic details give a more 3 dimensional look to your nail art design so give these details a try as they are lovely!

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