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Spring/Summer 2011 Nail Art Ideas

Check out the following stylish nail art designs for the spring/summer 2011 season and inspire yourself as these designs are highly popular and definitely worth giving a try!

Choosing the right nail art design is a must when it comes to any event whether casual or more formal as your manicure will always be visible, thus attracting attention. Due to the evolution of the nail art techniques a variety of nail art designs have been developed so if you're looking for some stylish spring/summer 2011 nail art ideas take a peek at the following designs and inspire yourself for your new manicure.

The new nail art designs created are a bit more sophisticated than what we have been used to so far thus say goodbye to dull one shade nail polish designs and hello to elegant and sophisticated nail art designs which seem taken out of a magazine. These designs require a higher amount of skill if you like doing your own manicure so they might require a bit of practice but the results will be well worth the effort.

Flowers are the hottest detail for the spring/summer 2011 season whether in fashion or when it comes to nail art and there are a variety of flowers to inspire you. The new professional nail art brushes available offer you the possibility to create amazing flowers with incredible details. If you wish, you can create 3D flowers which are made from acrylic but they are only recommended if you have gel/acrylic nails. Flower nail art designs look feminine and will most definitely help your nails look lovely.

Glitter is amazing and can give you that glam look you are searching for. It is amazing how much glitter can boost the sexiness of your nails so just give glitter a chance. There are a variety of glitter shades to use so you can opt for an all glitter nail art design or use glitter to highlight another design you opted for. Use glitter powder o glitter nail polish depending on preference, either way glitter nails will look fabulous.

Colorful nails look amazing and there are a variety of designs to choose from. You can opt to create a colorful French nail art design using your favorite shades or you can choose to mix your favorite nail polish shades.
Also perfect for girls who are not too skilled in doing complicated nail art designs are nail art stickers and there are a variety available to choose from. Experiment with different nail polish designs and colors especially pastels during the summer and your hands will look amazing!

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