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Stiletto Nail Art Designs

There's a new hot nail trend in town and these nails look stunning. Stiletto shaped nails can offer your nails the edgy style they've been lacking so take a peek at the following stiletto nail art designs to determine if these nails suit your style!

Well manicured nails have become a must have regardless of age as the nails are considered to be the non-written introduction page of a person's basic personality. This exactly has lead to the evolution of the nail art designs, which can help enhance the beauty of your hands as well as underline your lovely personality. When it comes to new trends, stiletto nail art designs conquer the top nail trends as they are different, feminine and create a very edgy yet feminine look.

The stiletto nail shape is created by filing the nail sharply, creating a pointy nail effect. Nail length is necessary to obtain this lovely stiletto shape and so women usually turn towards fake nails, mostly gel nails when it comes to this uber-stylish and non-conformist nail shape.
The longer the nails the hotter the effect so if you love extra long nails, this is the way to go!

These sharp looking nails usually go with a sophisticated hand pained on nail art design, a Russian nail art design which boosts the edginess of the nails. To receive such a nail art design skill and talent are a requirement so one must turn to a professional nail tech. Nail salons can offer you a variety of fabulous nail art designs to choose from, and you can even customize your own design by offering the details to your manicurist. Keep in mind that not all manicurists can create these Russian nail art designs so find an experimented nail art technician. If you don't like her work, change the manicurist or the salon until you are completely satisfied.

Flowers, glitter, lace, acrylics, rhinestones are only a few options you have when it comes to Russian nail art so the combinations are endless. The designs us painted on using special acrylic paint and professional nail art brushes after which the top coat (whether nail polish of gel finish for gel nails) is applied.
Stiletto nails offer a dramatic change and they are not for everyone. Definitely not for the contemporary classic woman, rather for the women who love to adopt a modern, edgy and unique style.

The nails need to be kept in great condition as the sharp tip of the nail can easily chip. Inspire your stiletto nail art design from the above shown nails or from your favorite celebrity as Rihanna, Fergie, Keri Hilson are only a few of the celebrities who love this new nail trend.

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