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Stylish Summer Nail Color Trends 2011

This season work with an infinite hue palette and drop a glimpse at these stylish summer nail color trends. Create a deep impact on your admirers with a dazzling manicure that radiates confidence and a sophisticated beauty sense.

Eclectic fashion is headstrong these days, therefore it is advisable to update your look to the newest tendencies. Bold shades when matched with your long acrylic or on the contrary short nails will definitely make up the perfect combo to guarantee your success. The rule created by pro beauticians for this season is to strip off all your limitations and give free way to your wildest manicure fantasies. Nail art can be a gorgeous tools to flaunt your style-consciousness. Turn your nail color into a real manifesto to make sure you stay on trend with your new look. It's high time to raid the local stores or online shops for dapper nail polish collections. These include a wide array of colors you can juggle with from pastels to eye-popping neon hues.

  • The rainbow color palette will turn out to be your secret beauty weapon to pull off a memorable and vibrant manicure. There's no need to combine the different shades if you wish to go for the safest nail painting option. Mono-chromatic manicure designs can be equally impressive and admirable if you follow the basic rules of application. Use only high quality nail polish formulas to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your nail color.

  • Look for nail varnish compositions that dry fast and allow you to preserve the flawless condition of your nails. Check out the chic examples from the hottest runway shows to see how versatile the color scale for this season really is. The many shades of pink, green and even blue will furnish you with a universally-flattering option to crown your appearance. Try your hand at creamy pastels or you can also decorate your nails with sparkling formulas for a more sight-catching impression.

  • Grown-up neutrals and red shades should also feature among the top color options when flirting with the idea of rocking a super-flattering nail art design. Tint your nails with taupe, black, grey or other hues in order to make sure you go for a tone that suits literally all complexion shades. It's a brilliant idea to arm up your nail kit with these chic colors you can easily match with a casual chic as well as formal apparel. Discover the infinite benefits of these oh-so-glam nail polish shades. Use your beauty skills to apply the right formulas and make sure you spare yourself from a style meltdown due to a careless manicure.

  • Image courtesy of elle.com, cnd.com

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